Did you know that even a whole lot of America's homeless use the internet?   You bet that's true.  It's still an internet age, as we've helped thousands of them find help firsthand (all throughout America) by phone and through this website.  Many have (their own or free government issued) cell phones with internet or can get to a library, shelter or social service agency to sign on and they regularly do.

  We help those in need throughout America find the 4 necessities of life for free or very cheap.  They are Shelter, Food, Clothing and Drinking Water.  Think of us as the one stop, all inclusive website online for people to find help nearby with any of these 4 needs, most anywhere they may be in America.  You can find assistance by clicking on the related page(s) above (at the top of the page) and then scrolling through the links of your choice on that page (following the directions in parentheses under each link) to find help in your area with any of the 4 human needs of life.  

*If you're interested in volunteering your time to help us that would be great.

  Simply contact us to find out how you can be of service.*

Click HERE to Get Your Free Lifeline Cell Phone Today.*

(For Qualified Low Income Participants)  

Are You Homeless?  *Ask Your Nearest Shelter If You Can Have The Phone Mailed There.  Oftentimes They Will Let You.